Office Hours

8:30 am -3:00pm

Please note that when the office is closed the phones will be monitored by either the sacristan (Nora) or the secretary (Katarzyna)

Religious Education Faith First Program

Class registration for religious education classes Levels 2-6 are held each year in April/May for lessons beginning in September.

Registration forms are available at the back of the church.




Hours of Eucharist Celebrations


English Masses

Saturday 4:30 pm

Sunday 10:00 am

Wednesday 9:00 am

History of our Church

Building Corner Stone

Church of the Resurrection of Our Lord is the first English Parish in the West Island of Montreal.  It was founded as a Mission in 1945, it was later established by Rome as an official parish in June 16, 1947.



Have you picked up your envelope boxes that have been placed on the table at the main entrance? If you are not currently using the envelope system for donating and wish to be assigned a box, please fill out a green form found near the assigned boxes and place in the collection plate. A box with your name should be available the week following your request. Please use only 2019 envelopes in January and destroy leftover 2018 envelopes. Thank you for your cooperation.